The Lady Travelers Guide


Happily Ever After


 Some marry for love. Some marry for money. But Violet Hagan’s quick marriage six years ago*** to irresponsible James Branham, heir to the Earl of Ellsworth, was to avoid scandal.

Though her heart was broken when she learned James never wanted marriage or her, Violet found consolation in traveling the world —at his expense, finding adventure and enjoying an unconventional, independent life. And strenuously avoiding her husband.

But when James inherits the earldom it comes with a catch—Violet. To receive his legacy he and Violet must live together as husband and wife, convincing society that they are reconciled. It’s a preposterous notion, complicated by the fact that Violet is no longer the quiet, meek woman he married. But then he’s not the same man either. 

Chasing Violet across Europe to earn her trust and prove his worth, James realizes with each passing day that a marriage begun in haste may be enjoyed at leisure. And that nothing may be as scandalous—or as perfect—as falling hopelessly in love. Especially with your wife.

***The Lady Travelers Guide to Happily Ever After has a bit of a twist in its connection to the other Lady Travelers books.

This book takes place before the other three books in the series. Gwen, Effie and Poppy actually get the idea of a Lady Travelers Society from Violet. But the epilogue takes place after the other books. So Happily Ever After essentially wraps around the other books in the series. I know—it’s a bit unusual but you have to go where the story takes you. Enjoy!







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